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Welcome to my website. I create digital portraits from your photographs. I have previously worked in watercolour and now I've embraced technology to create digital paintings.

Gallery 1 - showcases a series of portraits to salute the true heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic - our frontline workers. Most of the portraits in this gallery are friends and former work colleagues. Please do click on the images to see the full image and further information about these wonderful people.

If you are interested in having your portrait painted - or you are looking for a special gift of a portrait for family or friends - please do contact me for a free quote. Portraits are priced from £50. The completed painting is sent as a JPEG file. Portraits generally take 5-7 days to complete - depending on workload. I can also advise how to have your portrait mounted onto canvas.

Gallery 2 - is another lockdown project! For those of us who might not be travelling this year - how about a virtual holiday? Imagine yourself climbing a mountain, relaxing on the beach, hiking in the woods or exploring a big city. Then share your virtual travel experiences by sending a photo of your trip to friends and family.

With a little digital magic I can add your image (from a photo you provide) to a background image of your choice. Images are carefully manipulated so that people and background blend to give a realistic result. A completed photo costs £15. The photo will be emailed to you (as an attachment in JPEG format) within three days of your order.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to hear from you soon.

Julie Sobczak
  • North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Virtual traveller image

  • Price includes completed art work which will be sent as an email attachment in JPEG format.

Portraits priced from

  • Price includes completed art work which will be sent as an email attachment in JPEG format.